Application of innovative design of transformable baby stroller based on TRIZ

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Authors: Lu WeiXiaotong ZhaoXiaomo YeXin Chen

Abstract: In the context of traditional stroller design, people tend to focus on its lightness, stability, comfort and material safety aspects, however, the current strollers are single-functional and do not fully meet the needs of users in complex spaces, while there are safety hazards. Based on the safety requirements of the escalator scene, this paper proposes a solution for a stroller with liftable rear wheels to solve the problems of easy tipping and unstable user force when the front and rear wheels of the stroller are not at the same level. The solution discusses how strollers can dynamically change to meet users' needs for product safety and ease of use in an escalator scenario. First, user research was conducted through observations and interviews. After that, a TRIZ-based functional model was developed to describe the application scenario and identify the specific problem. Using the standard solution method, the innovative invention principle was used to design a self-adjusting structure applied to baby carriages through the analysis of the su-field model. In addition, based on the ergonomic design principles of standing posture, we have improved the sense of the experience of using the product. This study guarantees the safety of infant travel while also enhancing the comfort of use, satisfying the needs of users and providing a new solution for the use of strollers in escalator scenarios.

Keywords: baby stroller, TRIZ, human, computer interaction, accessibility design, stability

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003233

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