Children's Experiential Product Design from the Perspective of Aesthetic Education

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Ziqin LuoHuixiang Zhang

Abstract: This study employs advanced methods such as user interviews and behavioral observations to facilitate the practice of aesthetic experience design. The primary objective is to delve into the intricate interactive dynamics between users, environment, and products through diverse experiential encounters, ultimately enhancing user experience and fulfilling their emotional needs. Notably, this paper prioritizes pedagogy and supplements it with design, integrating an aesthetic education perspective that underscores the guidance and cultivation of beauty. By integrating emotional elements into children's experiential product design from an aesthetic education perspective, this approach serves to stimulate emotional resonance and profound experiences among children. Furthermore, it aids in the enhancement of cognitive abilities, the cultivation of comprehensive qualities in various domains, and the fostering of user participation through rich educational elements. This approach holds substantial theoretical and practical significance for design practice and the development of children's products from an aesthetic education standpoint.

Keywords: Children's aesthetic education, experiential design, product design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003234

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