Overview of intervention measures for the prevention of psychosocial risks at workplaces of Labour Offices in the Czech Republic

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Authors: Vladimira LipsovaKarolina MrazovaKateřina BátrlováMartin StepanekTomas NavratilSergey Zacharov

Abstract: In December 2021, an online questionnaire survey was conducted at 5 selected branches of the Labor Office in the Czech Republic focused on the analysis of psychosocial risks at work. Based on the findings from this survey, the problematic areas were defined and specific intervention measures were applied based on their evaluation. These measures started in September 2022. They were focused on two levels: building psychological resistance (resilience) provided in the form of online seminars: "Supporting positive coping mechanisms and increasing resistance to stress", "Sleep hygiene", "Active psycho hygiene and coping with demanding clients" and special seminar for managers "Psychological support and basic intervention for your subordinates". From December 2022 to March 2023, group and individual psychotherapy were conducted for a much smaller group of employees under the guidance of a psychotherapist.

Keywords: psychosocial risks, work, intervention measures, prevention

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1004104

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