Enhancing User Experience: Exploring the Interactions and Visualisation of Data Through Bullet Points and Typographic Design

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Amic Ho

Abstract: This study aims to examine the impact of bullet points on data comprehension and establish a visual hierarchy. Additionally, it includes a comprehensive analysis of prior research on the effectiveness of bullet points in the context of data visualisation. The importance of typography in establishing a visual hierarchy is underscored, alongside an analysis of different typographic styles and their impact on the emotional aspects of user experience. This study examines case studies that illustrate the successful application of typographic design in data visualisation, specifically focusing on using bullet points. Enhancing user engagement through bullet points, exploring interactive elements for visualising data, and examining the effects of different typographic approaches are delved. This study comprehensively examines best practices and practical recommendations for developing emotionally appealing data visualisation bullet points. Moreover, the utilisation of typographic design to convey data insights by employing principles of data-driven typography is examined. This study examines the application of data-driven typography in obtaining intricate information through bullet points and its impact on emotional responses and user comprehension.

Keywords: Bullet points, Typographic design, Data visualisation, User experience, Information comprehension

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1004171

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