Product Design to Effectively Alleviate Emotional Exhaustion Caused by Long Hours of Digital Interactive Work

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Authors: Ziyan DongLi Xu

Abstract: With the rapid development of the Internet, more and more people must use electronic devices such as computers to do their work digitally and interactively. We have observed that employees who work with computers for long periods of time may be resistant to electronic devices. In previous studies, the specific sources of this resistance and the factors influencing it have not been clearly identified. The purpose of this article is to study the emotional exhaustion caused by prolonged digital interactive office work, analyze the antecedent space leading to this emotional exhaustion, reveal the psychological mechanism of the fatigue process, and further explore product design research that effectively alleviates the emotional exhaustion caused by computer office work in the Internet era.Methods: The design investigates the non-experimental, cross-sectional correlation. We administered an online questionnaire to participants. Participants had to be people who use computer offices for long periods. The questionnaire contained questions related to emotional states (depression, anxiety, etc.) and certain concomitant behavioral manifestations (overexertion, avoidance, excessive rest, etc.). At the same time, the intensity of the participants' perceived fatigue was statistically assessed with the help of the Fatigue Scale. In the data analysis, we adjusted for individual characteristics, work nature, and work environment in order to explore the antecedent space of emotional exhaustion.Conclusion: The analysis of the data obtained from the questionnaire showed that there was a positive correlation between the time users spent working on computers and emotional exhaustion. Most participants had emotional exhaustion accompanied by physical fatigue. In addition, in the subgroup analysis, we found that emotional exhaustion caused by long hours of computer work was influenced by factors such as work environment atmosphere and complexity of work content. This study helps us to find the direction of product design research to alleviate emotional exhaustion. Employees who work with computers for long hours need adequate rest time and. If necessary, a certain degree of psychological intervention. Based on the above results, the research and design are closely integrated with the psychological and physiological needs of the computer office group. The design principles for products to alleviate emotional exhaustion are summarized in order to design products that can improve the quality of life of people who use digital interactive work for long periods. At the same time, the relevant product design can somehow guide people's behavioral activities and work styles in specific scenarios, meet the needs and services of the business, explore its potential market advantages, and better enhance the quality of people's office environment in the future.

Keywords: Digital Interactive Work, Emotional Exhaustion, Human-machine Relationship, Product Design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1004017

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