Imersive Virtual Reality during work out with movable sports equipment: the effect on oculomotor, disorientation, and nausea before and after training

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Oliver ChristMichelle DeuberAnina GächterJordin GuedelAndreas Papageorgiou

Abstract: The combination of immersive virtual reality and sport has garnered significant attention in the academic world and the industry domains. There is a decent amount of literature that shows positive effects but also critical voices when it comes to learning and wellbeing in a virtual world during work out. In our study we postulate the hypothesis that subjects with a higher degree of predisposition in simulation sickness will show higher values in all three subscales of the simulation sickness questionnaire (SSQ) while doing exercise with sports gear with moveable parts in a fully immersive VR application than subjects with lower degrees of predisposition in motion sickness. However, our data did not support the hypothesis. Surprisingly, we even found a disproportionate significant improvement in the oculomotor subscale of the SSQ. These results are being discussed and further studies are being suggested.

Keywords: Imersive Virtual Reality, Sports, Motions Sickness, SSQ Test

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1004041

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