User Experience of a web-based platform that enables ethical assessment of Artificial Intelligence in the Public Sector

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Authors: Maria TsourmaNoemi Luna CarmenoJaime Alessandro CodagnoneSara ManciniJesper KrognosAnastasios DrosouDimitrios Tzovaras

Abstract: As public sector organizations increasingly adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, it is important to ensure that they are used in a responsible and ethical manner. The use of AI systems can have unintended consequences, such as exacerbating existing inequalities or infringing on individuals' privacy rights. Therefore, the use of a web-based platform that enables the ethical assessment of AI helps to identify potential risks and ethical concerns before these technologies are deployed and used by public administrations. This paper presents a web-based platform implemented to support the ethical assessment of AI use in Public Sector, along with its evaluation. The web-based platform implemented for this purpose is designed to address ethical, legal, and social vulnerabilities, allowing Public Sector stakeholders to adopt AI applications in a trustworthy, controlled, and responsible manner. This platform is designed to offer easy transparency of latent risks and the corresponding mitigation measures. The evaluation of this platform was conducted by four public administrations from three different European countries (Italy, Greece and Norway), while the feedback was collected through questionnaires and interviews. The findings of this study can be taken into consideration by developers and research community for the development and adoption of AI applications in public administrations.

Keywords: ethical assessment of Disruptive Technologies in the public sector, AI in Public Administration, user evaluation

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1004047

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