AffectiveTree: Visualizing Collective Stress Amongst Chinese Telecommuters through Dynamic Painting

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Zhenyu LiuCheng YaoQiurui WangFangtian Ying

Abstract: Under the epidemic situation of Covid-19, many companies are promoting telecommuting to protect employees' health. At the same time, telecommuting created an additional communication barrier for people to communicate with their colleagues or express their feelings. Stress can lead to health problems and burnout. In this paper, we propose AffectiveTree, a dynamic painting that can visualize collective stress among Chinese telecommuters in an abstract way. According to the stress level and duration of the Chinese telecommuters, the shape and color of the trees in the painting will be morphed. We used participatory design to involve the user in the design of the AffectiveTree and to verify its effectiveness and usability. The result showed that this dynamic painting could visualize the stress level of Chinese telecommuters through dynamic abstract art, and it can relieve their stress.

Keywords: Dynamic Painting, Collective Stress, Telecommuting

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1004052

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