Human-centric decision for the Integrated Planning of Smart Port Systems

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Authors: Maurício Randolfo Flores Da SilvaEnzo Morosini FrazzonGuilherme Luz TortorellaJulia Cristina BremenBruna Rigon De Oliveira

Abstract: While the context of Industry and Logistics 4.0 is mainly related to smart systems and automation, new efforts are being applied to develop human-centric super-smart system, under the name of Industry 5.0. One example of a logistics system in this context can be seen in port terminals, which are migrating from traditional modern ports to Smart Ports. In this context, a series of questions arise related to the intrinsic human factors influencing the performance of smart systems. Thus, the main objective of this research is to develop a conceptual framework of human-centric decision for the integrated logistics operation and maintenance planning in smart port systems. A systematic literature review is adopted to build the scientific pillars for the conceptual framework. Afterwhile, under the Industry 5.0 context, we developed a human-centric decision framework connected with smart technologies to acquire real-time data and integrate logistics operations. As conclusion, we identified that the interaction of humans with recommendations from smart systems are not explored properly, and, so, the constructed framework presented an approach demonstrating that human decision can be influenced by intrinsic factors and affect the interaction between humans and intelligent systems.

Keywords: Human-machine systems, cognitive models, human cyber physical systems interactions, artificial intelligence.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1004008

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