Quality Function Deployment Implementation using Digital Twins Paradigm

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Authors: Remmon SarkaOmid Fatahi Valilai

Abstract: Considering the Information Technology continuous innovation and upcoming technological trends, industries are now more eager to utilize inventive technologies to adopt and efficiently function in today's competitive business environment. Technologies such as big data, IoT and now digital twins are now being widely applied through a broad spectrum of different industries and have already had a game-changing impact. Technologies such as digital twins despite coming the extra mile in recent years still hold a more promising future. Digital twins will emerge as one of the key tools in many industries, especially in manufacturing. This paper takes a closer look at how the retail industry is utilizing digital twins to better implement quality function development of a product. With the proposed framework, Quality function developments can be improved to collect data from customers through social networks and boil down the data of the voice of the customer through product development process. These Voice of the Customer items will continue to trickle down into other stages of product development and deployment, including component definition, process planning, and quality control. This study has established a connection among social media data analytics and links it to QFD framework. Using social media data, the emotions of the customer can be viewed in real-time what people are saying about the product. This not only helps in creating a better product it also enriches the customer experience. To clarify the capabilities of the proposed idea, an illustrative case is designed and explained for link of social data analytics tools with QFD through a digital twin enabled framework. This gives customers a chance to be integrated into the product development process and as a result, produce results in better satisfying customers' expectations.

Keywords: Digital Twins, Social Networks, Quality Function Deployment (QFD), Data analytics

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1004071

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