Sustainability Aspects of Logistics and Operation Fulfillment in Cloud Manufacturing Systems

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Noushin MohammadianXiaotong FanOmid Fatahi Valilai

Abstract: The manufacturing business models have been recently revolutionized due to emerging technologies and theories like Cloud manufacturing and service-oriented paradigms. However, the requirements of the current globalized economy for environmental and sustainability aspects have been neglected. This paper aims to consider sustainability as a key element in emerging paradigms like Cloud manufacturing and propose a model to minimize the negative environmental impacts in terms of considering energy, natural resources, and CO2 emissions. Moreover, it tries to concentrate on aspects like quality, environment, logistics, and service to create a measurement for companies to transform from product-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing. Considering the recent studies on Cloud manufacturing systems and their contributions toward environmental aspects, an evaluation model has been proposed for sustainable Cloud manufacturing systems with a focus on global logistics. The role of different stakeholders inside Cloud manufacturing business models in respect of the evaluation model is discussed.

Keywords: sustainability, Cloud manufacturing, manufacturing system, environmental sustainability

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1004074

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