QHS Methodology for Business Intelligence Model, Talent Management and KPI's in the Foreign Trade Supply Chain

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Authors: Manuel Ignacio Garcia Rios AceroRodolfo Martinez GutierrezJose Carlos Gonzalez Villa

Abstract: The supply chain in foreign trade involves goods storage systems, with quality management systems in comprehensive service logistics, to ensure trust in the relationship with customers; the training of executives specialized in processes of opening accounts, review and storage of goods, as well as the follow-up to the suggestion of customer service become business intelligence strategies, in the face of the challenges of standardization of services where customer satisfaction becomes KPIs of Quality, Service, Cost and Delivery Time. The QHS Methodology is applied with the strategy of intervention and systemic integration of the different levels of authority and management of the learning curve to develop standards of good practices in the management of specialized talent in the different positions that make up the structure of the business axis of Warehouses and Logistics Services towards the integration of the corporate approach to operation.

Keywords: QHS Methodology, Supply Chain, Value Chain, Talent Management, KPI's

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1004081

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