Intelligent Moxibustion Instrument Based on Five-tone Therapy

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Authors: Tianfeng XuLi Xu

Abstract: In the background of great health, “health care” has become a trend. Against this background, this thesis aims to explore the research and development of intelligent moxibustion instrument design based on five-tone therapy.Method: Firstly, the function, application, and development of the five elements of music therapy are detailedly analyzed. Secondly, the function of moxibustion therapy and the current status of research on related products are discussed. Finally, the experimental application of the combination of five-tone therapy and moxibustion therapy is investigated, and the feasibility of the combination of the two therapies is analyzed in order to better meet the needs of users.Result: It is concluded that the combination of five-tone therapy and moxibustion therapy makes the treatment more effective, and the intelligent moxibustion instrument is feasible which basing on five-tone therapy. At the same time, the application of emerging technologies such as graphene and infrared heat therapy has good development prospects.Conclusion: With the development of the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence, the integration of five-tone therapy into intelligent moxibustion products is a development trend. The combined treatment of the two therapies makes the operation convenient, comfortable, economical and safe. And it improves the shortcomings and deficiencies of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, and has wide clinical promotion and use value. In the future, efforts should be made to explore the function and scope of the application of Chinese medicine five-tone theory and traditional Chinese music in disease treatment and health care, and highlight the advantages of Chinese medicine five-tone therapy in this regard, so as to make it one of the important tools applicable to the regulation of subhealth. Meantime, moxibustion therapy should be combined with modern science and technology to further improve the efficiency of treatment, and make it environmentally friendly. The moxibustion instrument based on five-tone therapy will develop towards safe and multi-functional, Intelligent and personalized, user-centered and cultural-oriented. In this era of wisdom, Chinese medicine is slowly being combined with modern intelligence to find a connection between traditional and modern combinations.

Keywords: five-tone therapy, moxibustion therapy, health care, Chinese medicine, intelligence, user-centered

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1004086

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