QHS Methodology for Business Intelligence with CRM in Warehouse Services and Foreign Trade Logistics

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Authors: Jorge Vicente Villa GarciaRodolfo Martinez GutierrezRodolfo Martinez SolisGrecia Arisbeth Hernandez Castañeda

Abstract: Business-oriented companies in the foreign trade supply chain that involve the phase of Merchandise Warehouses and Logistics Services as an added value; They generate, due to their highly specialized nature of the context of global trade, security control implications through risk control systems and integral security of all the processes of the services of the value chain. For the purposes of this study, a research proposal is made through an eclectic methodological proposal combining the QHS methodology and elements of the Business Intelligence methodology, to analyze the information variables of various sources of information of a company; With a multidimensionality approach to find correlation of success in the achievement of operational performance indicators, productivity, and customer satisfaction levels, under a systemic approach.

Keywords: QHS Methodology, Supply Chain, Value Chain, Warehouse, Logistics Services

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1004095

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