QHS Methodology for Management and Finance Models in Foreign Trade Supply Chain Business

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Angel Agustin Mendoza MarmolejoRodolfo Martinez GutierrezRodrigo Gonzalez Villa

Abstract: In the business world of the foreign trade supply chain, models of administration, finance and budgeting systems are strategies to ensure mechanisms of the administrative process; Planning, organization, control and direction are factors that must be monitored with performance indicators, human talent management is a key pillar of success. The risks involved in financial management and budgets are sensitive services, which require attention with actions of prior inspections of the merchandise to ensure that the items that are imported agree with the invoice and request. Given the nature of operational complexity, the QHS Methodology is applied with a systemic integration approach of good practices from all sectors involved in combining strategies to strengthen the administration of operational and managerial knowledge management in an organization.

Keywords: QHS Methodology, Supply Chain, Value Chain, Sector Innovation, Competitiveness

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1004097

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