Mahalanobis Distance-Pattern Approach to Body Coordination in Motion

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Shuichi Fukuda

Abstract: Today, our world changes drastically. Yesterday, however, changes were smooth, so we could differentiate and predict the future. Today, changes become sharp. So,we cannot predict the future. Yeseterday, our world was closed with boudnary , but todayour world becomes open. yesterday, materials or products were hard so we could apply mathemacial approaches and control them/. Today, materials are getting softer and softer with the progress of material engineering. When things were hard, we could understand what it is and how we should handle it with our eyes alone. But today, we need to interact with them directly. To cope with such drastically changing real world, we need to coordinate all parts, Our current world is the Industrial society, which is based on quantitative and reasonalble evaluation/ In other words, it is based on Euclidean approach which is interval scale and cardinal based. But human needs shifts from material to mental or from product to emotion. And Maslow pointed out "Self-Actuatlization" is our final need and Deci and Ryan proposed Self-Determination Theory and we get the highest satisfaction and feeling of achievement, when we do the job we wish to accomplish and in our own way. They also pointed out this is very important for our growth. The Industrial Society is getting close to its end and now we need to design and develop the next Society. In a word, our world is changing quicklly to the world of "Self". How we can enjoy our life in our own way becomes cruciallly important. As materials are getting softer and softer, we need to develop a tool to deal with physically soft world. The world focusing on musculoskeltel system and processing externally obaservable movement is going out.We need to consider how our internal body parts such as muslces move to respond to the radicallly changing Real World. In short, we need to shift from Digital to Analog. We need AnalogIntelligence, which is the next AI. To achieve such a goal, our instinct plays a very important role. Therefore, we developed a Mahalanobis-Distance approach to support our instinct in orderfor it to fully coordinate our Motor (Internal Movement) movents.

Keywords: Coorinnating Body Movement, Proprioception, Instinct Support, Mahalanobis Distance, Pattern

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1004099

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