The influence of button size on operation performance in long - term closed and isolated environment

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Qianfei ChenMengxiu WangJingwen Xie

Abstract: Long-term isolation in a closed environment will lead to fluctuations in users' cognition and operation to a certain extent. As the basic controls of touch control system, the size of the button also has a significant impact on operation performance. In view of the special operation environment of long-term isolation and sealing, this study conducted a study on the influence of button size on operation performance in the long-term isolation and sealing environment. Seven buttons of different sizes were selected, and under a long-term closed isolation environment, with 12 days as an experimental cycle, 7 consecutive ergonomic experiments were carried out, with task performance as the main indicator. The experimental results show that in the long-term airtight isolation scenario, the minimum recommended size of the touch screen interface button is 16mm. The larger the button size, the better the operation performance, and there is no significant relationship with the airtight isolation time. The conclusion of this study can provide scientific support for the size design of touch control interface in long-term closed and isolated environment.

Keywords: Long term, Closed isolation, Button size, Performance

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1004122

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