An Augmented Reality Book for Schematic English Reading Comprehension Development Skills in Grade 6 Students

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Kanita Nitjarunkul

Abstract: Significant advancements are still required for augmented reality (AR). Augmented reality (AR) is a partly immersive experience in which users interact directly with a 3-D overlay onto the external reality in real time. This research aimed to examine the results of using an augmented reality (AR) book in improving students' schematic English reading comprehension skills, students' learning achievement, and students' knowledge retention, and to identify students' level of learning satisfaction. A total of 29 grade 6 students participated in the quasi-experimental study. The results revealed that students have significantly increased their English reading scores after exposing to the AR book at 0.01 significance level. There was non-significant difference between the first and second posttest scores as promoting knowledge retention. Students were satisfied in using the AR book at the highest level.

Keywords: augmented reality (AR) book, reading comprehension skill, schema theory

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1004133

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