Continuous personal monitoring and personalized hydration recommendations with wearable sweat sensors to prevent occupational heat stress

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Authors: Michelle StewartAndrea TineoBenjamin WoodrowMichael WasikSelina Chan

Abstract: Exposure to extreme heat during physical exertion may impair cognitive and physical abilities commonly known as heat stress. Industrial workers are vulnerable to the effects of extreme heat due to increasing ambient temperatures, tasks with radiant heat exposures, work intensity, and added personal protective equipment (PPE) burden. New wearable sweat sensors may help mitigate heat stress by monitoring physiological signs of dehydration and provide real-time hydration recommendations. As wearable sensors are introduced into the workplace, this study aims to understand whether continuous personal, physiological monitoring is a better indicator of heat stress risk than current, traditional industrial hygiene, environmental monitoring.

Keywords: biosensors, wearables, dehydration, heat illness prevention, personalized monitoring, workplace behavior change

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1004205

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