A preliminary analysis of a nuclear power plant startup for a physics-based model of a digital twin

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Awwal ArigiIbrahim AliyuJinsul Kim

Abstract: Digital twins are a new paradigm that can revolutionize the way we work and manage complex systems due to its varied capabilities including, remote monitoring, controls, and prediction. Models are often used in engineering to represent the physical properties of the system concerned. However, the human is a fundamental part of nuclear power plant system function. Thus, a model is considered that will adequately represent not only the physical properties but the function of the human as well. The startup operation of a NPP is a representative process where the human plays a crucial role in the success of the operation. This paper shows a preliminary analysis of a representative NPP where the knowledge of the physical parameters and realistic operational functions have been leveraged for a potential digital twin. The work is based on a set of parameters defined in literature including, the physical data, the observable data, the physical inputs, the digital inputs, and others. The aim is to develop a comprehensive probabilistic digital twin model of the desired system.

Keywords: digital twins, human actions, probabilistic graphical models, nuclear power plant

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1004513

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