Requirements Reuse in Complex European Security Research Projects – a Border Management Perspective

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Laura SalmelaJari LaarniAntti VäätänenSirra Toivonen

Abstract: European civil security research most often builds upon a series of interlinked efforts and development work, extending vertically across different funding and work programmes and horizontally across various funding instruments. Requirements reuse may provide a means to benefit from advances made in previous projects and enhance consistency between related equipment and systems. Requirements reuse as part of requirements development may support human systems integration (HSI) by transmitting knowledge or simply repurposing well-defined HSI requirements into the design of new technologies. This paper examines the potential of requirements reuse in EU border management research especially addressing user requirements. We explore our findings from the perspective of HSI that merges the knowledge and skills of different areas of human and organizational factors. The results are based on requirements development processes from seven multiannual EU funded border management projects, in which the authors have conducted research. In our analysis, we identify many factors influencing requirements reuse across separate border management projects. Despite heterogenous practices of requirements development implemented in European projects, the created requirements knowledge base should be utilised in an effective manner. Requirements reuse has multiple benefits and it should be considered more carefully in future when planning new projects.

Keywords: Border Management, Border Security, Human Systems Integration, Requirements Development, Requirements Reuse, Civil Security Research

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1004521

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