Evaluation of Styling Design of Heavy-duty Industrial Robots Based on Comprehensive Integration Weighting Method

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Authors: Mingqi LiBeibei Sun

Abstract: This paper proposes a method for evaluating and screening the appearance design solutions of industrial robots. Firstly, the kansei engineering theory and KJ method is used to collect users' perceptual imagery vocabulary of the appearance of industrial robots, which is used as the evaluation indexes of the appearance design solutions. Secondly, the analytic hierarchy process is used to construct a hierarchical structure to calculate the subjective weights of the 12 evaluation indexes. Thirdly, the entropy weight method is introduced to calculate the objective weights of the 12 evaluation indexes, because the subjective weights reflect the designer's degree of emphasis on the 12 evaluation indexes instead of the actual needs of the users. Finally, the combined weights are calculated using the comprehensive integration weighting method. In order to obtain the scores of the three schemes for each indicator and to weight them to obtain a composite score for each scheme, the questionnaire survey method is used. This study shows that the appearance scheme evaluation and screening method using comprehensive integrated weighting method to calculate the weights of evaluation indexes and weight them to get the total score of each scheme can be applied in the field of appearance design of heavy-duty industrial robots, which can provide a reference for the evaluation of appearance schemes of other types of industrial robots.

Keywords: appearance design, scheme screening,comprehensive integration weighting method, heavy-duty industrial robots

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1004524

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