Emerging Technologies in Aviation: The Simulated Air Traffic Control Environment (SATCE) application in Competency Based Training and Assessment.

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Authors: Dimitrios ZiakkasNeil WatermanAbner Flores

Abstract: SATCE (Simulated Air Traffic Control Environment) is a system that enhances effective and efficient communication while simulating Air Traffic Control (ATC) scenarios for training purposes. SATCE implementation in aviation training provides a more realistic and immersive training environment (use of AI in communication requirements of training with controlled traffic volume and events), offering Competency Based Training and assessment (CBTA) features in phraseology and procedures. The Purdue - ASTi research case study of SATCE allows aviation SMEs to improve their knowledge and abilities in a realistic and immersive environment. Another possible application of digital siblings in SATCE is the simulation of various aircraft types and scenarios. The objective of team initiatives at Purdue University School of Aviation and Transportation Technology (SATT) is to investigate the behavior and performance of various training scenarios under SATCE and design, test, and certify the implementation – use of various flight devices in the existing airspace classification environment. By providing a more realistic and immersive learning experience (lean process for training/certification, transition to AI - AAM environment), the Purdue – SATT approach for SATCE can potentially increase the efficacy and efficiency of aviation training programs (CBTA globally). In addition, this research concentrates on mitigating residual risk in the 'AI black box' by concentrating on aviation ecosystem operations under SATCE – facilitating various aircraft types, airspace, and the implementation of AAM. The results are intended to analyze and evaluate the certification and learning assurance challenges associated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) under the SATCE perspective.

Keywords: Simulated Air Traffic Control Environment (SATCE), Human-Centered Design, Competencies Based Training Assessment (CBTA), Evidence-Based Training (EBT).

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1004528

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