Classic Yacht Redesign and Restoration:Ergonomic and Operational Aspects

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Maria Carola Morozzo della Rocca

Abstract: The rebuilding and restoration of historical yachts have developed significantly over the past few years only, and there is ongoing discussion addressing issues in this respect. To understand the need for new scientific rigor in this field and turn largely self referential interventions into a discipline is a challenge relevant to academic research, organizational entities and regulatory agencies, both governmental and nongovernmental, in Italy and in Europe. There is a multiplicity of aspects that are central to the renovation of historical craft, including primarily ergonomics as key to the design of how to operate boats as ‘places to live and voyage in’, and technology and instrumentation as fundamental elements of navigation systems, additional to standards issued by classification societies. The restoration of classic yachts with a historical and cultural value must correctly consider all ergonomic, functional and technological aspects in reference to both conservational issues and the need to upgrade existing designs to ensure that comfort and navigational safety standards are met. A critical approach that helps find the right compromise under such constraints that are often antithetical and conflicting is central to this research.

Keywords: Restoration, Historical Yacht, Redesign, Classic Yacht

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100617

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