Concept for the Integration of Information Received Via Communication Equipment with Onboard Navigational Systems

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Eric HolderFlorian MotzHimeh HoroufchinMichael Baldauf

Abstract: This paper describes project work supported by the German Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS) to perform an in-depth evaluation of the transfer and presentation of information received via communication equipment on onboard navigational displays. The goal was to identify safety-relevant information items and then map the flow of these items (in current operations and into the foreseeable future) when received via communication systems and integrated into navigational systems, identifying the optimal workflow, display and format for presentation. This paper will focus on the investigations and field studies conducted to investigate the requirements for integration and presentation of this information on onboard navigational systems. The results describe an outline and concept for managing and integrating communication information based on the Integrated Navigation System (INS) concept, including the classification and prioritization of safety-relevant information objects; and the definition of the task and information-related design requirements for integration, presentation, and usage of the prioritized information items onboard. Also included is a concept for a novel human machine interface (HMI) for message/information handling. Project tasks were conducted with special reference to the modular concept of an Integrated Navigation System and developments within e-Navigation.

Keywords: Maritime, Human Factors, Navigation, Communication, Information Handling

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100622

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