Human Factors Engineering at the Transportation Security Administration

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Authors: Bonnie KudrickFran Greene

Abstract: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has three engineering psychologists within the Office of Security Capabilities (OSC) who address the human element for the Agency. While many activities and programs cannot be elaborated upon due to security restrictions, a few human factors activities will be reviewed. The human factors team is tasked with writing and reviewing acquisition documents, as well as participating in acquisition milestones that span the Acquisition Lifecycle Framework. The team also works to improve operational efficiency, training effectiveness and data mining efforts by examining how human factors and interactions can be optimized for various processes and procedures. The two primary customers are the Checkpoint Technology and Checked Baggage Technology Programs.The Office has several ongoing research efforts with a number of different performers to investigate a range of human-centered issues. For example, through the Risk-Based Security Workforce Transformation Group, hypotheses were presented regarding the specialization of Officers at the checkpoint: image analysis, passenger interface, and effective interaction. Industrial/Organizational psychologists match job task analysis competencies with batteries of assessments to test for attitudes, attributes and aptitudes that would be predictive of these competencies on the job. Additional human-centered efforts will be discussed throughout this paper.

Keywords: Human Factors Engineering, Transportation Security, Risk-Based Screening

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100605

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