Methodological Issues of Pilots’ Performance Assessment

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Igor V. BukhtiyarovK. Wolfgang KallusbEvgeniya S. OsokinaacChristine M. Talker b

Abstract: The paper provides a review of present-day studies on the problem of pilots’ performance in various flight conditions, with a focus on their methodology. Conceptual frameworks of the studies (concepts of working capacity, functional state and mental workload) are discussed, and different objective and subjective measures and methods used are described. Eye-tracking is regarded with special attention as a promising tool able to examine the internal mechanisms of pilots’ performance. The paper hints to the importance of systemic methodological approach to pilots’ performance assessment and proposes the direction for further research in the field of aviation psychophysiology.

Keywords: Pilots, Performance, Working capacity, Functional state, Mental workload, Eye-tracking, Psychophysiological measures, Psychological measures, Methodology

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100640

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