Influence of Expertise on the Judgment of Controllability of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Patrick GalaskeaMehdi FaridaKlaus Benglerb

Abstract: Modern passenger vehicles are equipped with a rising number of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). The increasing complexity of these systems causes issues of controllability that need to be dealt with. The RESPONSE 3 Code of Practice (CoP) provides methods to assess the controllability of ADAS within the framework of ISO26262. Among the methods described in the CoP is the expert review (RESPONSE 3, 2009). However, no quantifiable requirements for such expert reviews are given. This paper describes a vehicle simulator study that aims to compare the judgment behavior of experts with that of naïve participants to draw conclusions on the applicability of expert reviews of controllability. The results of the study show that for the studied sample of experts there is no advantage in the variance of the obtained judgments for either group. The higher expertise however did exhibit itself in a trend towards more critical judgments of the observed situations. It is concluded that the application of expert reviews in the evaluation of controllability of ADAS should be studied in more detail. The results indicate that the conduct of expert reviews of controllability with high requirements of precision is not trivial and requires in-depth analysis.

Keywords: ADAS, RESPONSE 3, Controllability, Expert review

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100649

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