Improving the Railway’s Understanding of Accident Causation Through an Integrated Approach to Human Factors Analysis and Technical Safety Data Recording

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Authors: Christian Wullems aGeoff Dell bYvonne Toft b

Abstract: This paper describes a safety data recording and analysis system that has been developed to capture safety occurrences including precursors using high-definition forward-facing video from train cabs and data from other train-borne systems. The paper describes the data processing model and how events detected through data analysis are related to an underlying socio-technical model of accident causation. The integrated approach to safety data recording and analysis insures systemic factors that condition, influence or potentially contribute to an occurrence are captured both for safety occurrences and precursor events, providing a rich tapestry of antecedent causal factors that can significantly improve learning around accident causation. This can ultimately provide benefit to railways through the development of targeted and more effective countermeasures, better risk models and more effective use and prioritization of safety funds. Level crossing occurrences are a key focus in this paper with data analysis scenarios describing causal factors around near-miss occurrences. The paper concludes with a discussion on how the system can also be applied to other types of railway safety occurrences.

Keywords: Accident Causation and Analysis, Safety Data Recording, Railway Level Crossings

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100653

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