Analysis of Factors Associated with Speeding Among Road Users in Malaysia

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Noradrenalina IsahNor Fadilah Mohd Soid

Abstract: Speeding is a serious threat to traffic safety. Similar to other nations, speeding is the leading causes for road traffic crashes and fatalities in Malaysia. The present study was designed to explore the factors associated with speeding among road users to ensure better strategies can be formulated in encouraging drivers to comply with the speed limit. A cross-sectional survey using questionnaire was conducted among 1194 road users. Logistic regression was performed to analyse the association of speeding behaviour with ten independent variables. Seven factors were significantly associated with speeding behaviour. Belief yielded the highest odds ratio (OR) 3.6 and followed by the experience of being summoned by an enforcement officer for speeding (OR: 2.3). In contrast, perception of being caught for speeding was negatively associated with speeding (OR: 0.94) followed by gender (OR: 0.60) and race (OR: 0.52). Type of vehicle and attitude were also significantly associated with speeding, OR were 0.28 and 0.14 respectively. The study revealed that enforcement activities and belief on speeding play a very important role in reducing speeding behaviour. This study highlights the need to identify the main factors at the community level for instance enforcement activities in order to design effective intervention programme.

Keywords: Speeding, Attitude and Belief, Road Users

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100656

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