Design Strategy for Data News Visualization Structure Sequence based on User Cognition

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Jie GuYanfei ZhuChengqi Xue

Abstract: In interactive visual data news, to help users better understand the page and information, designers need to organize the information level of the visual page more reasonably. This study compares the two representative data attributes of time data and spatial data in data news. We compared two visualization sequences representing different structures: "temporal data" and "spatial data" were used as a combination of "global" and "local" visualization designs as exploration clues. The experimental task is to score the dual-task recognition performance and subjective evaluation of correlation and data trend judgment. This intended to explore the different effects of two visualization structures on user information recognition and understanding. The results show that the exploration structure of "spatial" data as global exploration cues and "time" data as local exploration cues performs better in terms of user preferences and understanding performance. This study provides a reference for the design of interactive data news.

Keywords: data news visualization, narrative structure, temporal data, spatial data, user cognition

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001096

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