Design of a low-cost digital spirometer for remote monitoring of COPD and COVID patients

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Authors: Heyul ChavezJulio RoncerosSergio SalasGianpierre ZapataCarlos RaymundoJose AlvarezMiguel LaraAnthony De-La-CruzWilmer SilvaCarlos HerreraNestor MamaniJorge Inche

Abstract: This research presents the proposal for a low-cost digital spirometer called “Phukuy” that includes the following sensors: an oximeter that measures the per-centage of oxygenation of the blood (SpO2) and the heart rate (bpm), a body and environmental thermometer, and a barometer. This spirometer will serve for the diagnosis and remote monitoring of people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD) including COVID; benefiting people who do not have a near-by health center; This will help decongest hospitals and prevent them from be-coming an infectious source. In addition, all the information obtained from the measurements will be saved on a web platform, which can be accessed by a des-ignated doctor. The proposed spirometer was validated with a 3-liter calibration syringe, obtaining an average error of 0.033 L (1.1%) and a maximum error of 0.070 L (2.33%), which is within the range recommended by SEPAR (± 3 %).

Keywords: Technological Model, Covid, Spirometer, Ansys, Low-Cost

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001198

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