Implementation of Lean Manufacturing in the company dedicated to the production of grains

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Elva CastanedaThays ArotomaGrimaldo QuispeHeyul Chavez

Abstract: The following investigation shows the problems in “Industria Granero del Centro EIRL”, it is a company that is dedicated to the production of grains such as split bean, split wheat, american morón and corn flour. The goal is to improve the production planning and scheduling system, and eliminate overproduction and economic losses. VSM (Value Stream Mapping) was used to identify the improvement in the production process. The root causes of the problem were then determined using the Ishikawa diagram. The activities to be carried out are: identification of times of each process of the evaluated product, carry out the implementation of the master production plan, application of Kanban and application of Heijunka for load balancing [1]. The results of this implementation will be visualized through a simulation making use of efficiency, effectiveness and productivity indicators to meet the objective.

Keywords: Lean Manufacturing, Vsm, Kanban, Mps

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001200

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