The Safewards model and behaviour control on the reduction of conflict and containment in Psychiatric units

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Authors: Linda Mai

Abstract: Patient safety is crucial in healthcare, as well as staff safety, violence and aggression are considered as the on-going issues regarding Work Health and Safety practice across healthcare industry. Many mental healthcare workers have faced violence, aggression and injury while attending care for patients. Conflict includes aggression, medication refusal, absconding and containment which staff use methodological interventions to prevent harm to patients and staff. This systematic review aims to explore the concepts of the Safewards model, and the effect of therapeutic interventions can reduce conflict and containment in Mental Health facility. Safewards model is a contemporary safety approach that has proved to improve safety for staff and patients in psychiatric units. The strategies and interventions depend on the patient’s conditions and staff skills to promote safety. The important aspect of reduced aggression is the appropriate use of interventions which depend on the way staff approach and interact with patients.

Keywords: Safewards, Violence/Aggression, Behaviour Control, Psychiatric/Mental Health Units, Intervention, Prevention

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001201

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