Physical Activity of Brazilian Adults with Visual Impairment: A Descriptive Study

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Aline SantosAna FerrariFausto MedolaAnselmo FrizeraFrode Sandnes

Abstract: Physical activity (PA) contributes to a healthy lifestyle, while physical inactivity can be considered a public health concern, especially among adults living with a disability. This study set out to investigate the PA levels of Brazilian adults with visual impairments. Findings suggest that most of the participants met the WHO recommendation and, therefore, were considered physically active. Older adults and adults with obesity had lower levels of moderate-intensity PA. Adults with total blindness had lower levels of moderate PA than adults with partial blindness and low vision. In addition, household chores were responsible for the higher levels of moderate-intensity PA among women.

Keywords: Physical Activity, Visual Impairment, Activity Monitor

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001202

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