Understanding Harmful Blue Light in a group of Thai People

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Authors: Manutchanok JongprasithpornNantakrit YodpijitThanaporn NunthawarasilpNopphavee Treekanjanothai

Abstract: Blue light is harmful to health in the long term and exposure. Therefore, knowing about the dangers from the Blue light is the prevention of hazards that might occur. This research aims to study the dangers of blue light and how it harms people by using electronic devices as well as to assess the level of knowledge about usage and dangers of blue light. Moreover, the producer team provides corrective recommendations direction for everyone. The research team studies the behavior of using electronic devices and collecting data by using a questionnaire. The target population is 150 peoples. The questionnaire consists of four parts: Personal information, Evaluation form of knowledge about the dangers of blue light and how they prevent it. According to data analysis, the majority of the sample is knowledgeable about blue light. In the second part of the questionnaire: how they prevent the blue light danger. For the third part of the questionnaire, we found that our sample group in every age range clearly understand in good level the knowledge that we gave via the infographics and for the last part of our questionnaire we found that people in 18-30 years old are most damaged by blue light more than 30 years old and less than 18 years old respectively. If the people do not protect their eyes to have good eyes health enough, would be very regretful that they might have to wear glasses or have blurred vision for a long time or in the worst case they might lose their vision. Therefore, the producer team hopes that this research will make everyone interested and take care of their eyes health as much as they can to decreasing the risk which can cause a bad situation.

Keywords: Blue Light, Dry Eyes, Eye Strain, And Ocular Fatigue

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001205

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