Analysis and Prevention of Office Syndrome of people in Thailand

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Authors: Manutchanok JongprasithpornNantakrit YodpijitPeemapol PanichtamrongNarawit Ratanajarusiri

Abstract: Office syndrome is dangerous in long-term health such as headache, soreness around the eyes, neckache, dizziness, chronic muscle pain, numbness in wrists or feet. In severe cases, it may cause the muscles to contract and hold tight. Therefore, understanding the cause can prevent the danger of this illness. The objectives of this research are to study the behaviors causing office syndrome, test the basic knowledge about the illness and inform useful information that can help people with office syndrome. Sample groups are 312 people in the age range of 20-40 years using an online questionnaire as a tool for data collection. The questionnaire includes 3 sections which are questions asked about personal data of respondents, the risk of office syndrome in each person, and basic knowledge of the illness. The results show that most of the research participants are female, age between 20-27 years old, study for Bachelor’s degree and work 5-8 hours a day. For the section 2 results, respondents incline to risk from office syndrome with the number of 244 people who have back pain during the day and only 83 people received training in this illness and there are 183 people aware of the sickness. In the last section asked the general knowledge, we found that respondents have well-knowledged in office syndrome but there is some misunderstanding about the symptoms of the illness so respondents still need to study more and their company or school should provide quality equipment in the workplace to reduce the risk form office syndrome and create good habits to all employees and students.

Keywords: Office Syndromes, Headache, Soreness, Neckache, Dizziness, Chronic Muscle, Pain Numbness.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001206

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