A Modular Structure to Explore the Interface Design and Interaction Testing Process of Teams

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Bahar Memarian*Christos KoulasBrian Fisher

Abstract: Interface design and interaction testing is not a completely robust or scientific process. Rather, it is an artful, iterative, social process regulated by inter- or multi-disciplinary design teams. Lamentably, the design trajectory and iterations are often left out or partially communicated in the description of a published design. We offer display design considerations considering AI and propose a modular structure for the interface design and interaction testing process of teams. The key feature of the structure is that it considers display design and display interaction testing and general experimental design and enables teams to transparently communicate how they start, traverse, and end their design cycles. The system can be accessed via an established Industrial Engineering Society on the world wide web. Such a structure would enable studying where innovation and failure happen through iterations of steps taken by different design teams. Subsequently, the information can be used to enrich future research.

Keywords: Display Design, Interaction Testing, Research Experiments, Teams, Human Factors

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001211

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