Application of Kansei Engineering Techniques to the Redesign of a Turkish Coffee Maker

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Müge GökenEkrem Cem Alppay

Abstract: Turkish Coffee Maker is a well-known product that was invented and first manufactured in Turkey. Although it is a novel product, there is a huge demand for these machines as well as competition among the manufacturers. These companies are already implementing many innovation strategies. However, the study aims to carry out a computer-aided innovation method named Kansei Engineering in the Turkish Coffee Maker domain. Furthermore, many sub-methods were conducted in this research. These are extracting Kansei words, selecting specimens, choosing product properties, conducting affinity diagrams, SD Surveys, Factor, QT1, Descriptive and Multiple Linear Regression Analysis. In total, 257 Turkish people have participated in the study. It is expected that the findings will be beneficial for design experts who are redesigning Turkish Coffee Maker.

Keywords: Kansei Engineering, New Product Development, Turkish Coffee Machine

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001108

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