Conceptual Proposal of a Technological Application to Improve the Decision Making Process

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Authors: Micaela Silva-BarragánPamela Acosta RodasMónica Bolaños-PasquelCarlos Ramos-Galarza

Abstract: Brain’s functions imply the necessary cognitive processing to solve daily life problems. In this context, the frontal lobe has a predominant role in the decision-making process, and, when its functioning is not accurate, it generates severe problems in the person suffering of it. As a technological solution to help adolescents to take the best decisions, the aim of this article is to propose the conceptual development of a mobile application to compensate frontal lobe role and allow a person to improve the decision-making process, considering the diversity of implications and consequences that this action encompasses.

Keywords: decision making, executive functions, mobile applications, frontal lobe.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001097

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