How an Incorrect Decision Caused by Peer Pressure and Personality Affects Regret

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Akane MatsumaeSei Hadano

Abstract: The authors conducted experimental research using two examinee groups, one with peer pressure and one without, to compare the intensity of regret for an incorrect decision. The results show statistically significant differences between the two groups, depending on whether they submitted to peer pressure. Those who changed their decision due to peer pressure showed significantly greater regret for their decision than those who did not change their answer, while there was no significant difference between those who changed and those who did not change where no peer pressure was involved. The authors also analyzed the results from the perspective of each examinee’s Big Five personality characteristics, and the results suggested a negative correlation between an extraverted personality and the intensity of regret among those who did not change their decision despite peer pressure to do so.

Keywords: Decision Making, Social Pressure, Experience Design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001115

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