Strengths and Development Needs in Temporary Agency Work: Temporary Work Agency Managers’ Perspective

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Authors: Susanna MattilaKati YlikahriLeena RekolaNiko CajanderRiitta KärkkäinenSari Tappura

Abstract: In temporary agency work (TAW), the temporary work agency and theuser company have employer responsibilities related to the occupational safetyand health of the temporary agency workers. The aim of the study was to inves-tigate strengths and development needs in TAW as perceived by managers oftemporary work agencies. Semi-structured interviews were conducted to collectdata from 19 managers at 10 temporary work agencies. The data were analyzedusing qualitative content analysis. The results show that TAW is a flexible andvaluable option for facilitating employment. However, there is room for devel-oping TAW practices and procedures with the co-operation of temporary workagencies, temporary agency workers, and user companies. The findings of thisstudy contribute to development of the occupational safety, health, and well-be-ing of agency workers, and sustainable TAW.

Keywords: Temporary Agency Work, Occupational Safety, Health And Well-Being, Temporary Work Agency

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001116

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