Digital Visualization of Biological Processes to Depict Human Physics

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Tihomir DovramadjievDiana PavlovaRusko FilchevRozalina Dimova

Abstract: Many chemical and physical processes take place in the human body. They have a diverse nature, which makes the study of human nature complex, time-consuming and requiring specialized technical base, which provide entry to areas and processes that are often difficult to access or invisible to the human eye. This leads to the necessity to illustrate certain processes in the human body that are significant and need their visual presentation. This report shows developed animated actions of processes important for human biological organism, which are presented to students and specialists in the fields of biology, anatomy, ergonomics, medicine, and healthcare, as well as designers working in modern cybernetics, AR and VR. The developed 3D biological models give a better understanding of their nature and serve to build a digital database.

Keywords: 3D, Digitization, Animation, Design, Education

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001119

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