Technological Proposal to Stimulate Memory and Attention: DR. LOBUS

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Carlos Ramos-GalarzaJanio Jadán-GuerreroHugo Arias-FloresPamela Acosta RodasMónica Bolaños-Pasquel

Abstract: The executive functions that are at the core of human neuropsychological functioning are attention and memory. Attention encompasses a series of brain subprocesses that allow an individual to focus his/her state of consciousness on a determined stimulus of internal and external reality. On the ohter hand, memory refers to the capacity to store and recall information. The aim of the research was to develop a smartphone application that allows stimulate memory and older adults. This artiche describes the conceptual proposal that was followed to develop a smartphone application that seeks to improve the functioning of these two brain abilities named DR. LOBUS. This application includes a series of exercises that stimulate various sub-levels of attention and memory, such as selective and sustained attention, as well as immediate memory capacity.

Keywords: Gamification, cognitive stimulation, serious games, DR. LOBUS, neuropsychological rehabilitation

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001098

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