Predictive method of influencing factors on air flow instability using black propagation artificial to optimize mining ventilation monitoring and control

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Carlos RaymundoJuan Ramos-BarrialErick Leon-PlasenciaYaneth Vasquez-OliveraLuis Arauzo-Gallardo

Abstract: Existing techniques for monitoring and controlling the ventilation system in un-derground mines are limited; since they only detect areas of low oxygen level or use software to model systems based on standardized data, but not, they evaluate the factors and identify the causes that generate the deficiency in the system. For this reason, a predictive method of factors influencing the airflow of the ventila-tion system is proposed as a possible solution with the use of artificial neural networks (ANN) to strengthen the monitoring and control process. The method-ology proposed in this research includes the analysis of air flow factors in critical mining areas to identify the study parameters. In the case study, a database of rec-ords of ventilation conditions of a mine was used. A test of 11 predictive neural networks was developed, with approximately a base of 250 standardized data.

Keywords: Predictive Model, Ventilation Monitoring And Control, Artificial Neural Networks, Influencing Factors

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001125

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