The activation of the focal attention sub-system as a product of a hierarchical process during the interaction with virtual products

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Lorena Olmos PinedaJorge Gil Tejeda

Abstract: In studies related to the behavior patterns that are generated from the interaction processes of a group of users with virtual products., It was detected that the acti-vation of Focal Attention sub-system is a constant not only for persons with normal vision also for persons with vision weakness. However, there are behav-ioral differences depending on the user´s dominant sensory mechanism related with physio-anatomical and cognitive characteristics of the user. The effects are observed in the time of execution of the tasks, number of sensory mechanisms used during the process, stress responses generated by the fulfillment of objec-tives among others.The aim of these studies is to promote reflections on the attentional processes that are carried out from the interaction of a user with virtual products and their work systems. And explore how Focal Attention processes change with the personal characteristics of a person.

Keywords: Virtual Products, Focal Attention Processes, Temporary Interaction Micro-Processes, Motor Interaction, Design.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001145

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