The optimal design of mobile communication equipment based on hand analysis of the elderly

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Authors: Yushi Jiang

Abstract: With the development and progress of society, the people's needs and level of a better life are gradually improving, education and medical facilities are improved, the average life expectancy of the people is getting higher and higher, the age of aging is quietly coming, so aging is also an important manifestation of social development and progress. In such a social background, the care of the elderly from all walks of life is reflected in all aspects of the elderly food, clothing, housing and traffic life. For example, the wearable artificial intelligence rescue system is aimed at solving the problem of the disoriented old people. The design of intelligent voice reminder medicine box to solve the problem of memory decline of the elderly; ergonomic bathroom systems for older people to address a range of potential hazards that older people may face when bathing.Under the background of the rapid development of the Internet and information age, the vigorous rise of mobile has a good opportunity for development, the widespread use of mobile communication equipment to people's production and life has brought great changes, mobile payment, online reservation, online service system, Shop online and so on, these services, which use mobile communication equipment as a medium, greatly facilitate people's lives . However, the recession of old people's memory, learning ability, walking ability and motor ability makes them once considered to be "abandoned" by the Internet age.On the other hand, from ancient times to today, hands as part of the body, has always played an important role in human production and life .hand is indispensable in the production and life of the various scenes , the study of hands is one of the most important human body research. The study of hand movement changes in the elderly is conducive to accurately judging the hand movement ability of the elderly, thus providing important data reference in the design output, so that the design results can be accepted and well used by the elderly .In the optimal design of aging for the elderly, hand is the starting point and landing point of this study. Through observation, empirical and other research methods ,Combine static measurements, including hand size, morphology, and dynamic measurements such as the range of hands can be available and acceptable activity strength of the hand, In-depth analysis of changes in people's hands to old age. At the same time, this paper uses ergonomics and other subject knowledge to study the hand characteristics, functions and structure of the elderly, and then fully combined with experimental data to the elderly hand characteristics of the comprehensive mobility analysis, the existing mobile communication equipment to make aging optimization design research, from the design point of view reflects the deep human care for the elderly, so that the elderly are no longer "isolated" by the Internet age.

Keywords: Elderly, Hand Analysis, Optimize The Design Of Mobile Communication Equipment

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001150

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