Musculoskeletal Injuries which Masapan Craftsmen are Exposed

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Authors: Alexis Suárez Del Villar LabastidaMireya Zapata RodríguezAna Alvarez

Abstract: The results of repetitive and prolonged trauma are reflected in most musculoskeletal injuries, which are pathologies that can be articular, due to the maintenance of forced postures or the excessive use of the affected joint; and bone when the relationship is with the bones. Regardless of the classification, these injuries affect the intervertebral ligaments or discs, tendons, bones, and muscles. The study was carried out on marzipan artisans in the Calderón parish in Ecuador (located north of 277 Quito canton), a place where these figures have survived over time; The results associated four risks in this regard: Lifting weights with overexertion very frequently; Operate the marzipan sheeter manually until the dough reaches the consistency necessary to develop the crafts; Maintain forced or fixed postures for hours, and perform the same movement pattern every few seconds for hours at a time. With the BIOMEC Software application, the areas of the body that have overload were determined: Shoulder and Hip. To maintain and manipulate the 4kg load, the posture must be corrected since the limitation, in this case, is the ankle, which is the joint that can least support these conditions with repetitive levels in inappropriate postures.

Keywords: Professional Diseases, Marzipan Artisans, Kneader

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001157

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