Big Data Predictive Analytics in Educational Database Systems

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Miguel Angel Quiroz MartinezGabriele Enmanuel Torres SecairaSantiago Teodoro Castro AriasMaikel Yelandi Leyva Vazquez

Abstract: Through computer algorithms, daily face-to-face or online classes knowledge can be transmitted efficiently by improving student performance in knowledge assessments. The critical success factor is a management term for an element necessary for a project to achieve its mission, and it is essential to model and analyze them in big data projects. This document presents a critical framework for success factor analysis for Big Data Predictive Analytics in educational databases defining an appropriate architecture and the availability of data in that order are the main factor. The document concludes with the conclusion and recommendation of future work.

Keywords: Predictive Analytics, Big Data, Educational Databases, Fuzzy Decision Maps

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001166

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