Gaming and Learning Analytics for Educational Video Games

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Yavor DankovBoyan BontchevAlbena Antonova

Abstract: The design and development of educational video games, and the realization of a successful video game project, often requires the research and analysis of data as a key element for success. Increasingly companies are integrating analytics tools into their structures, taking advantage of the analytics capabilities. The focus of this paper is on the analytics instruments developed in the APOGEE software platform for educational video games. The paper presents the workflow of using these instruments in the platform for analysis and evaluation. The integration of the analytics tools into the platform will provide the opportunity to monitor all activities carried out in the platform, to process, analyze, and evaluate all available data, user behavior, and user experience in the platform. This will allow for the formation of an overall assessment of the created educational video games and their contents, and the APOGEЕ platform, including evaluations for learnability, playability, and usability.

Keywords: Analytics, Educational Games, Software Instruments, Apogee, User Experience. Gaming Analytics, Learning Analytics

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001167

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